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About Us

About Us

Junta Winery brings together family, friends, and all beloved ones when you want to celebrate, to share, or to spend a nice time with them.

Traditions such as ramadas, horse racing, rodeos, and chinchineros were part of our summer season in the farm Los Pocillos, San Clemente, 7th region of Chile.

Summertime full of sunshine and outdoor activities (outdoor life) accompanied by dozens of cousins, relatives, parents and grandparents had a great impact on us in our youth (marked our youth).

During that time we learned how farmers worked the land, how cheese was produced in the dairy, and also we learned about the different types of grapes that were taken from the vineyard.

Every day we were going to the place where the barrels and fudres were kept, we played and hid there. That’s how we learned the transformation (the process) of grapes into wine.

I think those memories, the family legacy and the passion for nature is what has brought us together to Junta Winery.