Recycling and Reuse

We are committed to choosing suppliers that have recycling systems in place and reuse their materials.

Glass Bottles: Our bottles are made from recycled glass, which helps to reduce the amount of silica sand extracted and thereby decreases soil erosion in Chile’s coastal zones.

Did you know that
Recycled Cardboard boxes: We use suppliers that manufacture boxes from recycled cardboard to help save trees and reduce cellulose production, which can pollute the environment when contaminants are discharged into rivers.

Plastic containers: We choose suppliers that reuse their packaging materials to reduce polluting the land with polyethylene which does not biodegrade but takes 200 years to decompose.

WE ONLY PRINT MATERIAL WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and we reuse sheets of paper by printing on the back.
Did you know that one tree produces about 20 reams of paper? That is quite a lot, right? 20 x 500 = 10,000 sheets of paper.
If 10,000,000 people printed one less page per day, we would save 1000 trees each day.

These are some of the actions we carry out to care for our planet, and every day we look for ways to conserve resources such as water, gas, and electricity, and separate our garbage for recycling and reuse.