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Our Wine

Late Harvest

Intense honey, dried apricot and orange marmalade are the aromatics of this balanced Gewurztraminer late harvest. Soft, silky, sweetness and perfect acidity makes this dessert wine a perfect pairing.

Central Valley
The Central Valley is formed between the Coastal and Andes Mountain Ranges, and the Maule thus features three distinct climatic areas: the Pacific region lies in the west toward the Coastal Mountains and has a maritime climate, the inter-mountain valley floor has a Mediterranean climate and fairly deep fertile soils, and the Andean foothills are marked by rocky, well-drained soils and a climate that is influenced by the cooling effect of the mountains that rise to the east.

The entire region enjoys a hot, dry summer and a fairly long growing season. These climatic variations create a diversity of growing conditions that support a wide range of grape varieties and wine styles.

Because of the cool features of the year, we proceeded to perform a dehydration process grape naturally for 32 ° Brix in the wort. Subsequently, the grapes were pressed and decanted at low temperatures for 48 hours. Nutrients and yeast to the wort to initiate fermentation were added, which was made in 24 days with temperatures of 16-19 ° C. Once fermented, the wine was decanted naturally stabilized protein and tartaric.

For bottling process the wine is prepared and stabilized microbiologically to avoid problems while resting in bottles.

100% Gewurztraminer

Manual harvesting in boxes of 13 kg in mid June 2015.

Serving suggestions
Ideally for accompaniments fruit and pastries.

Best served at
Serve at 7-8 ° C

Late Harvest